вторник, 10 февруари 2009 г.

What were Northside’s best wine buys for 2008?

Wine Report from the Fort

By Fred McMillin

Divide the wine’s rating, say 80, by the price, say $8, and you get 10 rating points per dollar. So, we calculated that figure for the wines we tasted at the Fort last year, and here are those that gave the most bang for the buck!

White wines
Chardonnay: Hacienda Vineyards California 2005, $7
Chenin Blanc-Dry: Dry Creek Vineyards California 2007, $12
Gewurztraminer: Forestville Vineyards California 2005, $6
Muscat Ottonel: Targovishte Winery 2006, $8
Pinot Grigio: Bolla Vineyards 2006, $9
Riesling: Forest Glen Winery California 2007 $8
Sauvignon Blanc: Estrella Winery California 2005, $6
Traminer: Targovishte Winery 2006, $8
Viognier: Montpellier Winery California 2005, $7

Two of the white wines on this valuable San Francisco list are mine and that makes me happy on a day like this.

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