сряда, 18 ноември 2009 г.

Magura Winery

Magura Winery was founded 40 years ago in the village of Rabisha. It is located in one of the most mystical and beautiful places in Bulgaria — between the Danube River and the red sand rocks of the town of Belogradchik and the natural phenomenon of Magura cave. The winery has the most modern equipment for wine producing in accordance with all European standards. A part of Magura Cave — The Bat Gallery has been a place for ageing of selected wines for tens of years.

With its soil and climate conditions the region around The Rabisha mound is similar to the French region of Champaign so the best Bulgarian natural sparkling wine is produced here according to the classic technology. The wine is preserved and slowly aged in the deep undergrounds of the cave. The constant temperature of 12°С and the appropriate humidity in the cave provide excellent conditions for the natural production of sparkling wines. The traditional method with bottles and the controlled three–year aging turn the grape juice into a delicate sparkling wine with unique taste.


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