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Turtle Hill Wine - Struma Wine Company 2009

The Turtle Hill estate is a new Bulgarian wine producer. Our mission is to showcase our quality wines from Bulgaria’s Struma River valley to the world.

The region’s unique climate and soil have been known since Roman times. The area benefits from long, hot and dry summers helping the grapes to ripen in near perfect conditions. This area (including famous wine producing town of Melnik) has historically delivered quality wines to connoisseurs all over the world, one of the most famous being Winston Churchill who favoured wine from the region.

Turtle Hill has the ambition to resurrect that popularity, producing wines with excellent quality and character. The grapes are grown in our own vineyards in an EU eco-friendly area of Natura 2000. The name Turtle Hill is inspired by just one of the many local inhabitants roaming freely on the sun drenched banks of the river in an area that locals describe as ‘land that has been kissed by God”.

The Winemaking process is the responsibility of the Australian Oenologist John Worontschak, a renowned professional in the areas of production and marketing of quality wines around the globe. Together with his team, John has created a wine unique to Bulgaria, carrying the strength and aroma of the local wines, but also embodying the complex spirit of the New World.

This magical combination is based on strict production and traditional local winemaking practices. Quality and innovation are guaranteed by the winemaker’s extensive experience gained at wine estates in the Barossa Valley, California, Burgundy and Alsace, in Israel and South Africa. Focus on quality and consistency in line with the standards of the 21st Century and in harmony with the tried and tested recipes of Bulgaria’s old craftsmen. Turtle Hill is the result of innovation and imagination. It is the start of a new line of quality wines from Bulgaria, a harmonious mixture of centuries of winemaking blended with an explosive fruit palate reminiscent of the New World’s best.

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