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Petya Elitch joined us as West Coast Sales Manager

We are pleased to announce that Petya Elitch has joined Bulgarian Master Vintners as West Coast Sales Manager. She is bringing many years of wine production experience, sales, and hospitality management skills.

Petya was born and raised in Bulgaria.  She always wanted to work in the wine business, and to that end, she studied at the University of Food and Flavor Industry in Plovdiv, earning a Master’s Degree in the Technology of Wine and Beer. Her first job was as assistant winemaker at Vinprom Rousse, owned by Seaboard Corp.  After the merger of Vinprom Rousse and Domaine Boyar International, Petya was transferred to work for the Shumen Winery. Domaine Boyar International is the biggest wine producer and exporter of Bulgarian wines to the European and USA Market. Petya learned a lot there, but she knew that to become a winemaker she would have to have a few internships around the world. Since 2004, she worked on the Winemaker's Team at Clos du Bois Winery, and Geyser Peak Winery in Geyserville, Sonoma County. Also, she worked in a direct to consumer sales position for Geyser Peak winery which gave her an opportunity to educate the consumers and promote the wines from Geyser Peak winery. Petya received many times excellent ratings on Yelp for her sales and people skills. 

Petya also worked as a translator for the first Bulgarian wine catalog.  Because of her education in Bulgaria, and working as a winemaker there, she has a good understanding of the Bulgarian terroir and the diversity and quality of the wines there.   

Over the last 15 years, Petya has been fortunate to have worked in a variety of wineries, big and small, in the lab, on the winemaker's team, and as a winemaker herself.  She has worked for a best in class supplier of winery supplies and learned about products and techniques to enhance wine quality.  She has learned the sales aspect of the business, both retail and industrial sales.  
Petya loves living in Sonoma County, California, but she still has deep feelings for her mother country: Bulgaria.  She believes that Bulgaria can become the best in class producer of high quality wines, and she is passionate about bringing Bulgarian wines here to share with her fellow Americans.  

Great addition to our team in time of phenomenal  growth for Bulgarian wine imports in the US!

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