понеделник, 25 август 2008 г.

Steely Dan concert at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga

Last night, Sunday, I went to one of the best venues in the San Francisco Bay Area - The Mountain Winery, originally started by Paul Masson in 1852. Concerts are hosted outdoors amid oak casks facing the historic stone-masonry Winery building. You can see the entire Silicon Valley glistening bellow.

It was my first time seeing Steely Dan live and the concert was both so cool and so sad for me since some of the songs were sung to me by the love of my life while driving around last year, it has been exactly one year since I met her. I enjoyed her company and talent for brief 8 months and it all ended by the biggest mistake I made in my life. Four months later I am a totally different person, but alas alone.

One of the best songs - Hey Nineteen,

Then there was another hit "Kid Charlemagne", great vocals by trio of black ladies making the sound of the band really cool. Fantastic drummer and horns section, I loved it, too bad I never listened to them more. Thank you Ruby!

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