понеделник, 28 декември 2009 г.

David Park revisited

David Park's "Head" gouache on paper, 1960 14.5 x 11.5 inches. From the book "David Park, Painter: Nothing Held Back" by Helen Park Bigelow.

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Dragomir Winery

The newly build winery is located in Dragomir village, situated 32 km Northwest from Plovdiv and 100 km from Sofia.

Dragomir is situated in South Central region, in the foot of Sredna gora, next to the dam Pyasuchnik, Starosel, Koprivshtitsa, Panagyurishte, Krasnovski bani, Hisar.

The altitude of the village is 300-499 m, the hill region together with the suitable soil and climate conditions are the perfect prerequisite for growing high quality vines.

All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue - Year 2

понеделник, 14 декември 2009 г.

Telish and Castra Rubra Wineries

This winery is our jewel, our enormous passion turned into modern working winery of highest level. Its wines are not only the pride of their makers but we dare say that they are the new face of the Bulgarian winemaking.

The person who creates these wines and guides the team of young oenologists of Castra Rubra Winery is Michel Rolland, the most significant representative of the contemporary wine world.

Michel Rolland is not only the exclusive consultant of the winery but he is also the guru of all modern-thinking winemakers. It is our honor to have him as a member of our team and we believe that this is a privilege for the Bulgarian wine as a whole.

Three young and talented oenologists work constantly at Castra Rubra Winery. These are Plamena Kostova, Todor Katzarov and Anton Dimitrov. Enthusiastic and ambitious, they are the new hope of the Bulgarian wine.

We should also mention with gratitude the name of the manager Tzvetan Georgiev who takes care of everything in Castra Rubra and its vineyards.

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VINI in Alaska

My wine brand VINI (veni, vidi, vici) will now be available in Alaska after being started in Hawaii. Salut!