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Tasting VINI & Domaine Boyar wines in Florida

Amazing to be able to taste our VINI & Domaine Boyar wines with Eric Hemer & Steve Slater FL.  #BulgarianWine

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Meet Magdalena Rahn - our new National Sales Manager

Magdalena Rahn joined Bulgarian Master Vintners as National Sales Manager.

Magdalena Rahn

Born and raised in Southern California, after graduating from university in New Jersey with a degree in French and in medieval history, Magdalena Rahn moved to France. And then, because why not, to Bulgaria. There, she studied and became fluent in Bulgarian, and worked as for nearly 4 years as the features editor at the English-language newspaper in the country. It was thanks to journalism that she became a specialist in the country's evolving wine industry.

Knowing that, in order to progress as a wine journalist, it would be necessary to study wine, in 2009 she returned to France, having enrolled in the OIV MSc in Wine Management programme. The programme, carried out in the French language, encompasses a year of meeting with decision-makers and key players in the wine and spirits industry in 22 countries around the world, with 2 to 4 visits to wineries and trade associations on a daily basis.

She returned to the State in 2010 and worked in beverage marketing at the agency The LAB, and as a hostess at the James Beard-award winning restaurant Bluestem, both in Kansas City, Missouri.

In 2011 Magdalena was hired by Business France, French Embassy Trade Commission, in New York as the Senior Trade Advisor for wine and spirits business development in the United States. A year later, she was promoted to the position of North America Senior Manager for Wine & Spirits, managing a team of individuals in 8 offices around the US and Canada. Magdalena guided her team to attain increased division revenues by 240% and client numbers by 177% in 3 years.

She is happy that things seem to, eventually, come full circle. As of 1 August 2016, Magdalena Rahn is the National Sales Manager at Bulgarian Master Vintners. She remains in New York City, where she enjoys discovering neighbourhoods and their histories, trying new bars and growing orange plants from seeds from her family's trees in California.

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