понеделник, 27 април 2009 г.


вторник, 21 април 2009 г.

Orthodox Easter 2009

Since the spring came so early, maybe I should say that the summer came so early this year, my roses are spectacular like never before. The deer that ate them 2 years ago, was a no show this time around and the high temperatures brought the roses into a grooming frenzy and finally now they are opening up. The floral arrangement with Manzanitas branches is from my Easter table, you know we celebrate the Orthodox Easter a week later than the Catholics, not that it maters that much, but the roses had another week to prepare for the catwalk. I would love to give some to one person in particular, but I know that I will get in trouble if I do it. Merde.

четвъртък, 9 април 2009 г.

Menu in a cafe on Polk St.

Last weekend I had a great mocha in a cafe on Polk St. in San Francisco, and wanted to comment on their full attention to create such a nice environment and serve great coffee. Well, it was rather a nice warm spring day in the city and that helped too. It is close to Polk and Green, I forgot the name.

неделя, 5 април 2009 г.

Raw Food Party at the Naughty Monk (a.k.a. Jack) and Jane

Well, it is another new one. Raw food, juicing, vegan....these are hot trends in Northern California. I had to really think hard what to prepare, it was a pot luck party and I came with these stuffed baby bell peppers with clementines, mango, and blackberries. Several of the guests brought their juicers, and now I cannot look at my 20 year old and still working juicer. It was a great party, in a house full of ghosts of my recent past, a lot of yoga teachers and practitioners like me, fun.