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CHATEAU BURGOZONE ви пожелава весели празници, изпълнени с любов!

Happy Christmas Eve!

петък, 13 декември 2013 г.

Stats from BulgarianWine.com in the Holiday Season

The stats from BulgarianWine.com store for the last 120 days speak for themselves. Thank you so much for your interest, purchases for yourselves and gifting. We have the most popular Bulgarian gifts in the USA. Keep shopping!  Nazdrave and Happy Holidays!!!

Vance Petrunoff
Bulgarian Master Vintners

сряда, 11 декември 2013 г.

The Better Reds of Bulgaria

сряда, 6 ноември 2013 г.


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понеделник, 30 септември 2013 г.

Cheers to Ms. Ellen Dessler in Seattle, WA for organizing the European Wine Treasures tastings at the Swedish Club and Wine World!

Renton, WA at Amante Pizza & Pasta - European ‪Wine‬ Treasures tasting VINI and Domaine Boyar

събота, 28 септември 2013 г.

Wine World in Seattle, WA - another stop of European ‪#‎Wine‬ Treasures tastings for Domaine Boyar and VINI

четвъртък, 26 септември 2013 г.

veni, vidi, vici, VINI - wine tasting at the Mall of the Americas, Minneapolis, MN.

вторник, 24 септември 2013 г.

Westchester Warehouse, NY is the next stop of European ‪‎Wine‬ Treasures tastings for Domaine Boyar and VINI. Nazdrave!!

Mesa, AZ - Beaver Choice Restaurant tasting European Wine Treasures - VINI and Domaine Boyar

понеделник, 23 септември 2013 г.

European Wine Treasures tastings continue on the East Coast - this is Jillian presenting VINI and Domaine Boyar at Cindy's Fine Wine and Spirits last evening in Westbrook, CT

събота, 21 септември 2013 г.

Our wines were served at the luncheon for the Foreign Minister of Bulgaria at the US Congress. Domaine Boyar and VINI were instrumental in improving the relations between the US and Bulgaria

четвъртък, 19 септември 2013 г.

Today at De Vinos - Washington, DC - European Wine Treasures tastings continue on the East Coast.

Pizzeria Capri in Sonoma also tasted European Wine Treasures wines from Domaine Boyar and our own VINI.

вторник, 17 септември 2013 г.

Las Vegas, NV - BG Bistro tonight. Staging the European Wine Treasures tasting in the most popular Bulgarian restaurant in Vegas. Domaine Boyar, VINI and Targovishte wines served.

понеделник, 16 септември 2013 г.

Hoffman's Wines in Pacifica - we have solid presence in this store. European Wine Treasures tastings continue in California, with more to come.

неделя, 15 септември 2013 г.

European Wine Treasures tasting at "Touch of Europe", Concord, CA - Domaine Boyar and VINI - Pinot Noir was the favorite red wine

петък, 13 септември 2013 г.

"Euromix" in Piedmont, CA offered tasting of European Wine Treasures

сряда, 11 септември 2013 г.

Sonoma Valley Wine Shack: Bulgarian Wine Tasting and Hor d'oeuvres from 6-8 tonight.

вторник, 10 септември 2013 г.

European ‪#‎Wine‬ Treasures tastings continue in CA. "Sonoma's Best" shoppe had VINI & Domaine Boyar reds, ‪#‎bulgarian‬

VINI Rose (Pinot Noir 60% and Syrah 40% blend) in good company at "Sonoma's Best" ‪#‎wine‬ shop ‪#‎bulgarian‬

Another day, another tasting - today in Denver, CO. - Argonaut Wine & Liquor

Awesome reception at the Sunflower Caffe, great music, art and European Wine Treasures, Domaine Boyar and VINI wine tasting.

Tonight we are at Sunflower Caffe 5-7pm - please come!

European Wine Treasures tasting in the best wine bar in Sonoma - Annex Wine bar. Red wines from Domaine Boyar and our own VINI presented. Cheers!

European Wine Treasures tasting in the best wine bar in SF - Amelie. Red wines from Domaine Boyar and our own VINI presented. Sante!

Brain Wines: Bulgaria, Rose (of Pinot Noir & Syrah), Vini, “Veni Vidi Vici”, Thracian Valley, MMXI (2011)

European Wine Treasures tasting at Berkeley Yacht Club. Domaine Boyar and VINI were well received.

Bulgaria’s 2013 grape harvest to be 20%-30% bigger than last year: expert

European Wine Treasures tasting campaign started today at Mill Valley Market in CA, featuring the wines of Domaine Boyar and our own VINI

For third time we are on the Wine Enthusiast Top 100 Best Buy Wines of the Year!

The Riverse Wine Snob: VINI wines - Bulgaria brings it

петък, 6 септември 2013 г.

European Wine Treasures tasting program starts in 09/01 in US. Our VINI and Domaine Boyar wines are part of it

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Targovishte Sauvignon Blanc 2011 reviewed by Taylor Eason

вторник, 13 август 2013 г.

Caution - Entering Sonoma Wine Country

събота, 3 август 2013 г.

Nazdrave from Sonoma!

сряда, 17 юли 2013 г.

The Medals from NYIWC

сряда, 3 юли 2013 г.



Bulgarian Wine Importers of the Year:
Bulgarian Master Vintners

Bulgarian Winery of the Year:
VINI Bulgarian Master Vintners (négociant) (produced by Domaine Boyar)

Pinot Noir, Vintage 2010 or later ($20.00 and lower)

VINI Pinot Noir 2011Cavit Collection Pinot Noir 2011
Turning Leaf Pinot Noir 2011
Stoneleigh Vineyards Pinot Noir 2012
Sileni Cellar Selection Pinot Noir 2011

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Michel Rolland: Bulgarian wine was good, became very bad, now is at its highest quality

By Radev Trade On 21 Jun, 2013 At 10:19 PM | Categorized As All NewsWorld Wine Experts | With 0 Comments
michel rolland is a 64-year-old oenologist who consults more than 100 wineries in more than 15 countries. Today for more than 8 years has been a consultant for the  Telsih AD and their new winery “Castra Rubra in the village Kolarovo, province of Harmanli.  ”Via Diagonalis” (Via Diagonalis) and “Pendar” (distributed by Radev Trade at the Government stores in British Columbia), are made with the exclusive participation of .
Roland is consistently in the top ten of the most influential people in the wine world in the prestigious UK magazine “Decanter”. A couple of his wines, for the same year, have made it in the top 10 wines in the world. He is hired as a consultant in places like Bordeaux, California, Chile and Argentina and others.
Do you have any memories and impressions of the  20 years ago? During the communist era ‘s exports were huge, compared to today, especially for the UK?
- Yes, I have. It is very simple. My explanation is that when I first heard about the Bulgarian wine, it was moderately good. However, the cost was fantastic – very low! So moderately good and a fantastic price, I remember it in “Vinexpo” back  in 1987. Everyone at”Vinexpo” was saying: “You should try the Bulgarian wine! This is the cheapest wine! “Everyone  was tasting it. It was not an amazing wine, but it was good. And then what did you do? Very bad quality wine.
- Nowadays things are different because Bulgaria do things differently. You still produce wine at reasonable price,  but the quality is at  high level. Bulgaria now has the real opportunity to produce excellent wines that can compete with the best in the world.
You are one of the most important figures in the world of wine and consult more than one hundred wineries in the world. How do you cope with so much work?
- They call me the “flying technologist” because I constantly fly from place to place in many different countries. I do this not because I have to, but because I like it. My life consists of this – to make wine. You can imagine how much wine I made. I also like challenges, and people who have a passion to make wine.
How did you start your story with the Bulgarian wine and what is your role in Castra Ruba winery?
- When I met Jair Agopyan ( Jair Agopyan owns Telish and “Castra Rubra ‘), he was one of those people full of enthusiasm and desire to make wine. Then, when I came to Bulgaria, my first job was to go and see the vineyards which were old and needed to be improved. It is important to know that high quality wine directly depends on the quality of the grapes. The technologist is also very important, but without good grapes, no one can do a good wine. This was our first step – to improve the conditions in the vineyards and only after that we could start thinking about the winemaking and the techniques we would use. In this respect, I think Castra Runra so far is among the best wineries in Bulgaria.
The next step is the new vines that we started to plant. Thanks to them in just a few years we will have excellent conditions for creating not just good, but excellent Bulgarian wines. Actually this is the purpose of the whole operation.
Again, I want to say that my job is more or less wine passion rather than business. It is a pleasure to work with people who are committed to their projects, and the project of Jair Agopyan is namely that case. It aims at the best possible quality. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve.  Of course this can not happen just like that, by a magic. It takes a lot of hard work – to understand climate, the vineyards, the ways of vinification … Wine is a very creative program that we currently develop very well.
What exactly is your role in the wine creation process of  ”Castra Rubra “?
- Very simple. It is important when we have a set objective to know exactly what to do in order to achieve it.  This applies to the entire process from the control of the grapes that will create good material for the wine, to the proper vinification consistent with the specificity of this material, and to the aging in the barrels. When we talk about  ”Via Diagonalis” for example, we aim for less extraction and more freshness, as the wine is made for faster consumption. The aim ultimately is to create a more enjoyable and more accessible wine. Of course, in that situation, we will have a portion of the wine that is aged in barrels and another that will mature in stainless steel tanks. At the end of this whole process, I will decide, together with my colleagues, what will be the final ratio of the two wines  in the blend. My role is ultimately to give all the necessary directions for the work of the people that actually produce the wine.
What will be the next blend of “Castra Rubra” and do you plan on doing a white wine?
- For white wine, this is a question that we are currently discussing with Jair. Generally speaking Bulgaria has no traditions in white wines.  The main question that we have when we start the production of a new wine is to know in advance what market are we heading to. I’ll give you an example. If we decide to make chardonnay, it will could eventually do well within Bulgaria. But if we choose to export it, in the end it will be just one of the millions Chardonnays in the world. Subject of our discussions in the future will be to produce what wine that will be both interesting and successful in the market. And this is not a simple task.  What we are trying to do now, based on the long experience, is to understand what is the right balance between the different varieties. On this basis, we want to make wine that will reflect in the best way the local Bulgarian terroir, as after all this will be an unique Bulgarian wine, not something else.
What is your opinion on the biodynamic wine? ( biodynamic vineyards are grown with eco-friendly methods and without any means of plant protection, etc.. herbicides and pesticides. The wines are made without sulfites, which poses a risk of  spoilage) Is it a temporary fashion or something with serious future?
- Good question. Biodynamics is definitely a good way of life.
When people  ask me whether biodynamic wines are getting better, I say “No”.  Everyone can dream of biodynamics, but my job is ultimately to make wine. If I can apply biodynamic practices without jeopardizing my vineyards, then I am a supporter of these practices. If it is otherwise, then I’m certainly not “biodynamic.”
Which wine are you most proud of?
-  I have been involved in the creation of many fine wines (for example three of the four best wines in the world in 2002 were his creations. He’s behind some of the top wines of Bordeaux – Chateau Ausone, Chateau Pavie, Chateau Le Bon-Pasteur, Chateau Fontenil, Chateau La Couspaude and others., top wines of California – Araujo, Harlan Estate, Screaming Eagle, Bryant Family, Staglin, Chile Casa Lapostolle, Italian Tenuta dell’Ornellaia, Argentine Clos de los Siete etc.). The same way as for large families – imagine you have 12 children and they asked you which one you love the most. Simply can not answer that question.
You were born and raised with the wine in France. Also you have a long family tradition of wine making. In the end, was it a destiny or a choice of your own?
- My own choice.

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VINI Pinot Noir reviewed by The Washington Post

5 wines to try

By Dave McIntyrePublished: February 26

★★★Exceptional  ★★Excellent ★Very Good

Prices are approximate. Check Winesearcher.com to verify availability, or ask a favorite wine store to order through a distributor.

Here are five interesting wines to try, including the 2013 Virginia Governor’s Cup winner, an unusual wine from Oregon and some inexpensive bargains from France and Bulgaria.— D.M.

Vini Veni Vidi Vici Pinot Noir 2010
1 / 2
Danube River Plains, Bulgaria, $10
Decent pinot noir is almost impossible to find for a mere Hamilton, but this stunner shows true pinot character — if you coax it out with a little time and a whirl in your glass. This label also produces a nice cabernet sauvignon and a serviceable merlot, both from the Thracian Valley. 

Available in the District at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits, Connecticut Avenue Wine & Liquor, Dupont Market, Rodman’s, Rosebud Liquor, Schneider’s of Capitol Hill, Tenley Wine & Liquor. Available in Maryland at 29 Convenience Mart in Silver Spring, Annebeth’s and Bay Ridge Wine & Spirits in Annapolis, Montgomery County Liquor Store in Darnestown, Wishing Well Liquors in Easton; on the list at various Coal Fire locations and at Food, Wine & Co. in Bethesda.

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CineSource Magazine interview with Mary-Louise Parker. Photos by Vance Petrunoff

CineSource Magazine
Bold and Offbeat: Mary-Louise Parker
by Bradley Gray

imageMary-Louise Parker is one smoking hot babe and a genius to boot. photo: Vance Petrunoff
alien and self-assured—any of these words define Mary-Louise Parker, who has found success on the big screen, the small screen and the stage. In May of 2013, she received the Spotlight Award at the 16th Annual Sonoma International Film Festival, entertaining an enthusiastic and capacity crowd at the Festival Gala.

Ms Parker burst into the limelight with unforgettable roles in “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “Grand Canyon” (both 1991) and kept upping that ante from “Bullets Over Broadway” (1994) to “Howl”(2010). But she is probably best known for her television performances in “West Wing”(2001-07) and, of course, the outrageously successful “Weeds”(2005-12).

On the stage, she was magnificent in “Prelude to a Kiss” (1990), “Reckless” (1995) and “Proof” (2001) for which she recieved a Tony Award. But she is best known as Nancy Botwin, the freaky mother hen in "Weeds". By providing the emotional gateway to a crazy California family, she probably did more than any other single factor for the last decade's medical marijuana revolution.

Ordinary she is not. Mary-Louise Parker is certainly a beautiful woman. But her real beauty exudes from her heart, her ability to challenge herself, and her commitment to her own truth. Yes, she’s ballsy, offbeat, complex, alien or whatever else. And for the record, she’s light, easy and sweet. At least according to this journalist.

CineSource’s Bradley Gray joined Mary-Louise over a glass of wine at the Sonoma International Film Festival, and the Tony and Emmy Award winning actress told some very revealing stories.

imageParker, featured guest at the recent Sonoma International Film Festival, was interviewed by wine writer Bradley Gray (hand). photo: Vance Petrunoff
CineSource: You have been called “boldly offbeat.” How does this label fit you as an actor and as a person? 

Mary-Louise Parker: I don’t mind that description at all. I remember at school I was told a lot that I was a little eccentric at times. It generally comes out in my work. I’m more reserved as a person. It’s as an actor where all that stuff tends to come out.

You have said that you had an unhappy childhood. Can you elaborate? 

I don’t know if anybody can say they had an ideal childhood. I did win the parent lottery. I got the two best parents ever. I have a great sister and two great brothers and I’m very grateful for that every day. But I was in my head a lot. My father used to say that I never said more than two words in a week. I was monosyllabic and I stuttered. I wasn’t a fun, outgoing child. I was a lonely child for a lot of reasons.

You’ve said that you felt like an alien at times. 

Yeah, I think I did. I felt separate from other people. I think that tends to give a child the right imagination and I was able to use that.

Do you think that aliens make good actresses? 

Yes, probably. One of my acting teachers used to say that to me all the time. He’d say. “You’re not of this world!” I don’t know quite what he meant.

You’ve done television, film and theater. Which medium suits you best? 

The theater is the most fulfilling because it’s the hardest. In certain ways, film is really arduous in a very specific way. Theater is really soul tapping. It’s a lot. But it gives back, so I’d say it’s where I’m the happiest.

I did love being on “Weeds” because it moved quickly. Film is a little slow for me. There is a lot of time spent in your trailer, there is a lot of time spent waiting, a lot of time spent being hot or being cold. You earn your money in a different way than you do in theater.

imageIt was Parker's honest emoting that carried the hippie tour-de-force 'Weeds' through seven years on Showtime and into the homes of millions. photo: Vance Petrunoff
Actually in theater you don’t make any money! But it doesn’t matter. Yes, I’m most comfortable in theater.

Of all of the roles you’ve played, which one is the most endearing to you? 

I did a play called “Proof” on Broadway that I loved a lot. I did it for a long time. I loved that character.

I did a play called “How I Learned to Drive” that was a really deeper experience. It was a really hard play to do. I did it eight times a week, but I loved it. I did it with an actor named David Morse, who was really spectacular.

So I’d say those, and playing Harper in “Angels in America.” I wanted that part so badly and I just couldn’t believe that I got it. I still can’t! It’s one of those things in life that you just can’t believe actually happened to you.

Tell me about that. 

Well, it happened really slowly. I would have wished there was a phone call so I could really have that moment. But it was more like, 'We think it’s happening, we think it’s happening.' And that went on for like a month. So I was eased into it. That experience was blissful, and I really miss being able to say those [Harper’s] words.

You were in “Howl,” about Allen Ginsberg’s obscenity trial. Do you feel a connection to the beat generation of the 50s? 

There is some of the beat generation that I love. I love Richard Brautigan and I love Kenneth Koch. I love Allen Ginsberg but he’s not my favorite poet. But I can appreciate him.

My brother came to the hospital the day my son was born, and one of the things he read – he read to my son from “Howl.” So there was kind of a reason for me doing “Howl.” I did it for my brother Jay.

And, I’m a poetry geek. We share a love of words, my bother Jay and I. My father was like that too. That’s where the writer in me comes from.

What is your definition of obscenity? 

imageEven at almost 50, Parker's innocent smile can light up your inner lasciviousness. photo: Vance Petrunoff
I would say that unmitigated cruelty to me is the only thing that is truly obscene in this world. Carelessness. I don’t find sex obscene, I don’t find a lot of things obscene.

You know, when they photographed Eric Clapton’s child on the street, to me that’s obscene. That’s pornography. It’s something that we shouldn’t see.

I feel that there are things we shouldn’t see and that’s a distinctly unpopular sentiment in this day and age. People show their tuna salad and their sonogram, whatever. I like holding things back.

You certainly did! You didn’t start doing nude scenes until you were in your mid-40s! 

Oh, I did some. Nudity doesn’t phase me in the least. Nudity can be dramatic.

I did a scene on 'Weeds' that had a lot of nudity in it. I over-thought it. I had these ideas about my character. Then I saw it and it looked like porn! I thought, 'Why did I bother over-thinking this?'

I like romance, and I think that scene was telling about [my character] as a person. She wanted something punitive and in the moment. She wanted to be ugly and she wanted to be punished. You can use nudity to reveal a lot about a character.

You did a pretty steamy scene with your Russian pyromaniac cellmate on 'Weeds'. What was that like? Were you comfortable? 

Yeah! I liked that scene! I was completely comfortable! That kind of thing really doesn’t phase me. Holding a gun phases me. I feel really conflicted about it and I don’t like it and I sometimes have to be talked into it. Then I hate myself for doing it. That I have a hard time with! Kissing a woman—big deal! I mean who cares?

Do you maintain a Facebook page? 

I don’t do any social media at all. I can’t relate to the idea of social media. It’s like I’m back in Junior High in a way. It feels like a popularity contest. Very representational, you know, like I’m going to get the best possible pictures of myself so other people can see what I think I am.

imageMs Parker with Demián Bichir, who played her husband on 'Weeds'. photo: Vance Petrunoff
I’m very resistant to it and I have very complex feelings about it. But at the same time, when my father was elderly, he got on Facebook and loved it. So I can see the value in it, but for me, I think a lot of people abuse it, and take it to a level that I find distasteful.

What actors that you’ve worked with have been the most rewarding, and which ones were the most influential on raising the bar for you? 

Sidney Portier! It’s too hard to pick more than one because I’ve loved so many so much. On different levels, so many actors have taught me so much.

The guy that played my son on 'Weeds', Hunter Parrish, I watched his process and work flourish into something incredible. That was wonderful to watch.

On different levels, so many actors have taught me so much and I am just in awe of them. I love watching somebody thinking, 'Wow! I could never have done that!'

Sidney was so wonderful in every possible way. He was patient and elegant and intelligent. His choices were humane. He could do nothing with something and make it resonate incredibly. He was a poem to me, and incredible to work with. I would love to do anything with him again. Some of his performances, and moments in his performances are my favorites.

So you are in the Sonoma wine country. Do you have any favorite wines? 

I love red wine. Full, dark, complicated wines! I don’t like things that are sweet or light.

Are you full, dark and complicated? 

I’ve been accused of that! I would love somebody to say that I am light, easy and sweet, but that just doesn’t come up.

What future projects can we look forward to from Mary-Louise Parker? 

I’m doing a play in the fall on Broadway ['The Snow Geese'], and I’m really excited about that. I have four movies coming out in the Fall, 'R.I.P.D.', 'Red 2', 'Behaving Badly', I think one of them is called, and 'Jamesy Boy'. Movies are a challenge for me in more than one way. They move slowly.

Good luck with those! You’re a really good interview, and I hope I didn’t scare you. 

Not at all! It was really fun.

Bradley Gray is a Sonoma-based journalist who covers quite a range of really cool stuff from wine to rock and automobile racing. He’s happy to accept comments atBradley@vom.com.

Posted on May 07, 2013 - 12:33 PM

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In rakia we trust

петък, 15 март 2013 г.

Wine & Spirits Magazine rates VINI Pinot Noir and Targovishte Sauvignon Blanc

I am happy to inform you that the following wines are being recommended in the June issue of Wine & Spirits Magazine:

87 points - Targovishte 2011 Black Sea Coastal Region Sauvignon Blanc $9.00 (Year’s Best, Best Buy)

87 points - Vini 2011 Thracian Valley Veni Vidi Vici Pinot Noir $9.00 (Year’s Best, Best Buy)

неделя, 10 февруари 2013 г.

San Francisco Bulgarian Film Festival, Brava Theater in the Mission, March 9-10, 2013

Writing practice #3

Fading rhythm, bass and chords, rather sleepy night
Drums come alive, hey Joe, beat that djembe hard, bang it man
Damn it, I still can’t hear the very song which I knew so well
Swing baby swing, you really sang and danced with me ……

I knew you well, you trusted me, but all was lost in fireworks staccatto
I dived back in time and reconstructed deep how I fucked it all up,
I played your words, reversed them back into my mind and heard it all again
I really hear you now, my dear, but I was so godly selfish, deaf, and blind

I know you better now, but you are gone, and I know you better…

четвъртък, 7 февруари 2013 г.

First Annual San Francisco Bulgarian Film Festival

Six Brilliant Feature Films at the Mission’s Brava Theater

San Francisco, CA 

The inaugural San Francisco Bulgarian Film Festival will raise the curtains on March 9th and 10th, 2013 at the historic Brava Theater in the Mission District. The festival will feature a half-dozen Bulgarian feature films (three each day), with many making their West Coast premier. The Sofia Independent Film Festival in Bulgaria and San Francisco Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce are the presenters. Gourmet appetizers, beverages and premium Bulgarian wines will be available during intermissions between films. 

"The selections for the SFBFF are some of the best films produced by Bulgarian filmmakers in recent years,” says Artistic Director Jana Karaivanova, who also heads up the Sofia Independent Film Festival and New York Bulgarian Film Festival and procured the films. “Bulgarian filmmaking has become quite prominent in recent years, with international recognition at major festivals like Cannes, Moscow and Berlin. These selections received high recognition in New York at the sold out screenings of the 8th NYBFF at the Tribeca Theater in Manhattan. We are sure you will enjoy them equally."

Two must-see films include Love.Net and Tilt. Love.Netis a feature-length drama directed by Ilian Djevelekov that won three awards at the 2011 Bulgarian National Film Festival, including Best First Feature Film. Tilt is a drama directed by Viktor Chouchkov that was selected as the Bulgarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Filmat the 84th Academy Awards.

“We are thrilled to bring these quality Bulgarian films to San Francisco,” comments SFBFF Executive Director Vance T. Petrunoff. “This will be a memorable festival for the San Francisco Bulgarian community, as well as film buffs from all over the Bay Area.” Petrunoff points out that the films are in Bulgarian with English subtitles.

Tickets for individual films are $12, and will available online through Brava Theater. There are several multi-ticket VIP packages offered as well. Several sponsorship opportunities are available.

SFBFF Program: Day 1, Saturday, March 9, 2013:
3:30PM - Rapid Reaction Corps
6:00PM - Love.Net
Gala party 8:45PM
9:30PM - Letter to America

SFBFF Program: Day 2, Sunday, March 10, 2013:
3:30PM - Shelter
6:30PM - Dzift
Closing party 8:45PM
9:30PM - Tilt

Movie times and schedule are subject to change without notice. You may also check SFBFF website and FB pages for all movie times.
During the Festival we will have a working visit from officials from the Consulate-General of the Republic of Bulgaria and they will conduct Consular Services at the cinema.

понеделник, 4 февруари 2013 г.

Robert Parker's ratings for VINI 2011 vintage - by Mark Squires

Writing exercise #2

I see her silhouette on the street right in front of my house and I am spooked
From a far I can only see the outlines of her slender body and jet-black hair
She sees me too but doesn’t move a bit, why are you there, why wait
I thread carefully forward and trying to focus on you, with sun in my eyes

I think of someone else, and kick a little stone on the road to make a noise
Why are you there, why wait further, I move in closer and don’t change course
My neighbor’s black, sleek mysterious cat decides to move slowly under my car 
She marked her territory, didn’t flinch, and now I am her subject, on my own turf

Writing exercise #1

I put away the pageantry of the year passed away
and folded all memento that was there 
reminding me of earlier times of laughter,
sparkling jewels, shiny ornaments, unfolded fans
hiding angel faces, shiny red balls and lights

I cleaned the mess you left, 
prickly needles drying on the floor
now again the slate is clean and am looking 
for new blossoms in my winter garden, and you, 
my Christmas tree, will vanish, taken by the scouts

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4 BEST BUYS at the Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Dear Vance,

The editors at Wine Enthusiast have recently rated and reviewed your following wines. All wines will appear on-line in our searchable wine database www.winemag.com in April only a selection of these ratings and reviews will appear in print in the buying guide of the magazine in the April Issue.
  1. 87 points Best Buy - VINI 2011 Chardonnay, Thracian Valley,   $9.00
  2. 86 points Best Buy - VINI 2011 Pinot Noir, Thracian Valley,    $9.00
  3. 85 points Best Buy - VINI 2011 Sauvignon Blanc,Thracian Valley,   $9.00
  4. 85 points Best Buy - VINI 2011 Pinot Noir-Syrah Rosé, Bulgaria,   $9.00
Well, thank you Wine Enthusiast.