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Merry Christmas!

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Order 8503 from catalog bulgarianwine.com

Order 8503 from catalog bulgarianwine

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Comments: We don't know any other way to thank the people of Bulgaria for their very recent kindness to our people in Israel than to support Bulgaria's economy. While parts of Israel was in flames, we were thrilled by the kindness of the Bulgarian people. Thank you so much for offering these wines so that I could find them on the Internet. Maxine & Steve Lebowitz, San Pedro CA

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Targovishte Traminer 2009 7-TR 2 9.99


Targovishte Muscat 2009 7-MS 2 8.49

Targovishte Riesling 2009 7-RS 2 7.99

Subtotal 52.94

Shipping 12.00

Total 64.94

I had to publish this comments from the latest order from our Internet store, it just filled my heart with joy and compassion. I can't find the right words that fast, but it is not even necessary.

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Presenting VINI in New York, the Big Apple

Mrs. Florence Fabricant, very influential dining columnist from the New York Times tasting VINI and discussing the quality of Bulgarian wines. She visited Bulgaria in the summer and had a wine tasting in Pomorie. In her opinion Bulgarian wines were far better and modern then the Rumanian and Moldovan wines she tasted on her trip.

I was taking pictures from the balcony on 20th floor in a high rise building in Roosevelt Island, and the reflection from the glass building across the river split into a giant V, which I took as a good sign for the wine show I was to attend that day and introduce my V(ini) to New York.

With my middle school friend, Mr. Z at the United Nations, he works there and was so kind to treat me with a VIP tour and lunch at the Delegates lounge.

Presenting VINI in Atlanta, GA in September

I had the chance to participate in the Wine, Spirits and Inland Seafood Holiday Show in the Gift Mart of America.

Atlanta was beautiful and warm in September, while in California we had the coldest summer. I loved walking around the Peachtree St.