неделя, 10 февруари 2013 г.

San Francisco Bulgarian Film Festival, Brava Theater in the Mission, March 9-10, 2013

Writing practice #3

Fading rhythm, bass and chords, rather sleepy night
Drums come alive, hey Joe, beat that djembe hard, bang it man
Damn it, I still can’t hear the very song which I knew so well
Swing baby swing, you really sang and danced with me ……

I knew you well, you trusted me, but all was lost in fireworks staccatto
I dived back in time and reconstructed deep how I fucked it all up,
I played your words, reversed them back into my mind and heard it all again
I really hear you now, my dear, but I was so godly selfish, deaf, and blind

I know you better now, but you are gone, and I know you better…

четвъртък, 7 февруари 2013 г.

First Annual San Francisco Bulgarian Film Festival

Six Brilliant Feature Films at the Mission’s Brava Theater

San Francisco, CA 

The inaugural San Francisco Bulgarian Film Festival will raise the curtains on March 9th and 10th, 2013 at the historic Brava Theater in the Mission District. The festival will feature a half-dozen Bulgarian feature films (three each day), with many making their West Coast premier. The Sofia Independent Film Festival in Bulgaria and San Francisco Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce are the presenters. Gourmet appetizers, beverages and premium Bulgarian wines will be available during intermissions between films. 

"The selections for the SFBFF are some of the best films produced by Bulgarian filmmakers in recent years,” says Artistic Director Jana Karaivanova, who also heads up the Sofia Independent Film Festival and New York Bulgarian Film Festival and procured the films. “Bulgarian filmmaking has become quite prominent in recent years, with international recognition at major festivals like Cannes, Moscow and Berlin. These selections received high recognition in New York at the sold out screenings of the 8th NYBFF at the Tribeca Theater in Manhattan. We are sure you will enjoy them equally."

Two must-see films include Love.Net and Tilt. Love.Netis a feature-length drama directed by Ilian Djevelekov that won three awards at the 2011 Bulgarian National Film Festival, including Best First Feature Film. Tilt is a drama directed by Viktor Chouchkov that was selected as the Bulgarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Filmat the 84th Academy Awards.

“We are thrilled to bring these quality Bulgarian films to San Francisco,” comments SFBFF Executive Director Vance T. Petrunoff. “This will be a memorable festival for the San Francisco Bulgarian community, as well as film buffs from all over the Bay Area.” Petrunoff points out that the films are in Bulgarian with English subtitles.

Tickets for individual films are $12, and will available online through Brava Theater. There are several multi-ticket VIP packages offered as well. Several sponsorship opportunities are available.

SFBFF Program: Day 1, Saturday, March 9, 2013:
3:30PM - Rapid Reaction Corps
6:00PM - Love.Net
Gala party 8:45PM
9:30PM - Letter to America

SFBFF Program: Day 2, Sunday, March 10, 2013:
3:30PM - Shelter
6:30PM - Dzift
Closing party 8:45PM
9:30PM - Tilt

Movie times and schedule are subject to change without notice. You may also check SFBFF website and FB pages for all movie times.
During the Festival we will have a working visit from officials from the Consulate-General of the Republic of Bulgaria and they will conduct Consular Services at the cinema.

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Robert Parker's ratings for VINI 2011 vintage - by Mark Squires

Writing exercise #2

I see her silhouette on the street right in front of my house and I am spooked
From a far I can only see the outlines of her slender body and jet-black hair
She sees me too but doesn’t move a bit, why are you there, why wait
I thread carefully forward and trying to focus on you, with sun in my eyes

I think of someone else, and kick a little stone on the road to make a noise
Why are you there, why wait further, I move in closer and don’t change course
My neighbor’s black, sleek mysterious cat decides to move slowly under my car 
She marked her territory, didn’t flinch, and now I am her subject, on my own turf

Writing exercise #1

I put away the pageantry of the year passed away
and folded all memento that was there 
reminding me of earlier times of laughter,
sparkling jewels, shiny ornaments, unfolded fans
hiding angel faces, shiny red balls and lights

I cleaned the mess you left, 
prickly needles drying on the floor
now again the slate is clean and am looking 
for new blossoms in my winter garden, and you, 
my Christmas tree, will vanish, taken by the scouts