петък, 30 януари 2009 г.

Wine scientists discover appellation 'chemical fingerprint'

January 23, 2009
Frank Smith

Two forensic scientists at the University of Western Australia have found a way to prove the origin of wine chemically.

Alex Martin and John Watling used mass spectrometry to determine the chemical 'fingerprint' of 400 wines from around Australia.

The 'fingerprint' is made up of the concentration of over 60 trace elements. These depend mainly on the soil composition of the growing region and grape variety. It changes little during winemaking, transportation and storage.

Wines made from one grape variety in one region have similar chemical 'fingerprints', and are quite different to those of the same grape variety in other regions.

They are now building up a database of wines from around the world. Once completed it will be possible to identify the origin of an unknown wine sample by comparing its fingerprint to those in the database.

'We aim to reliably place a wine within 20km of its origin,' said Watling.


неделя, 25 януари 2009 г.

Beach Vendors in Puerto Vallarta

Business is slow in January as usual, but I can still recommend an excellent wine for the season - Miro Cabernet Sauvignon 2006...as usual for Miro big, chocolaty, yummy. So, since there is little to do I will post my slide show of beach vendors.

петък, 23 януари 2009 г.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - All The World Is Green

I was thinking of Vladimir Visotski the whole time listening to this song, great movie by the way.

понеделник, 12 януари 2009 г.

El Manguito Restaurant in Yelapa

El Manguito Restaurant in Yelapa served the best food for the entire trip and of course was the best priced as well. The owner offered me a taste of his moonshine Mescal, powerful and smokey, yet still drinkable at 85 degrees.

Yoga Vallarta studio provided live music for the classes in the morning, I did my best yoga ever and learned Vinyasa flow.

четвъртък, 8 януари 2009 г.

El Día de Reyes (Three Kings Day, Jan. 6)

El Día de Reyes (Three Kings Day, Jan. 6)
Also called Los Tres Reyes, Los Reyes Magos or, on the Catholic calendar, the Epiphany, the 12th day after Christmas is when the three kings, or wise men (magi), laden with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, arrived after following the star to Bethlehem. This is the day Mexican children traditionally receive gifts. In the preceding days, they write letters to Melchior, Gaspar or Balthasar to request special presents.

Greetings from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

неделя, 4 януари 2009 г.

Starting the New Year Year with yoga retreat in Mexico!

I quit Nada's yoga studio in Sonoma and am heading to Puerto Vallarta for yoga classes. There is an advanced seminar by David Williams "Ashtanga For The Rest Of Your Life" Jan 8-11 2009 at a rooftop studio, overlooking the bay. Namaste! See you there?

There are five yoga studios in Puerto Vallarta, so the plan is for studio and tequila bar hopping.

Yoga Vallarta, Basilio Badillo325-3, Romantic Zone
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48380
Style: Vinyasa,Hatha, Ashtanga,Pilates

четвъртък, 1 януари 2009 г.

New Year's resolutions

2008 New Year's resolutions are completed...I quit smoking cigars and cut a deal with the largest US wine & spirits distributor. At the same time I almost lost my mind, and lived with pain for the most of the year, because I didn't focus on personal level and destroyed the relationship I valued so much.

So for 2009 I wish to make a better wine, to become a better man and show my love to my family and friends. I will travel more, with an open mind for whatever is out there.