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Start Date 18-MAR-09 End Date 21-MAR-09

Venue City / State Country
International Fair Plovdiv
37, Tzar Boris III, Obedinitel Blvd.

Event Profile:
VINARIA is the most prestigious and largest specialized exposition within the branch in South Eastern Europe, which brings together exhibitors in the field of vine-growing and wine-producing.

The WINE NATIONAL COMPETITION is held within it. The National Tasting includes brandy and natural rakias. The awards for drinks-winners and producers are presented at a grand wine ball WINE AND LOVE, LOVE AND WINE. The prize of International Fair Plovdiv - Golden Rhyton - the most prestigious one at Vinaria, the Wine of the Year and Honours diplomas, gold, silver and bronze medals for high quality are evaluation of high esteem for the drinks-winners.

Visitor's Profile:
Purchasing departments, (small and medium retailers, hypermarkets), Those responsible for wine in the Hotel, Catering and Restaurant channel, Restaurants, Wine waiters, On-line stores, Specialist on-line stores, Wine Clubs are the target visitors.

Exhibitor's Profile:
Wine Producers from around the world will participate - Importers, Exporters, Wholesalers, Wholesale distributors, Wine producers, Generic promotional bodies, Associations/Institutions.

International Fair Plovdiv
37, Tzar Boris III - Obedinitel,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Tel: +(359)-(32)-902000
Fax: +(359)-(32)-902432

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whisperingangel каза...

Well, I dont speak Bulgarian, but my daughter and Son-in-law do. I am an artist and I was given one of your blue bottles made for your Rakia from my Son-in-law. I made a beautiful dragonfly from it, and now I will be on HGTV April 6th at 8am Eastern US time, on a show called "Thats Clever". Anyhow, I would like to know if I can order just the bottles with-out the Rakia in them. Mainly because I would need to make alot of dragonflys from them and I couldnot possibly drink that much Rakia in one week. You can send me a message on my blog which is www.whisperingangelsart.blogspot.com
Karen Wassmer, Artist