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VINI Pinot Noir reviewed by The Washington Post

5 wines to try

By Dave McIntyrePublished: February 26

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Here are five interesting wines to try, including the 2013 Virginia Governor’s Cup winner, an unusual wine from Oregon and some inexpensive bargains from France and Bulgaria.— D.M.

Vini Veni Vidi Vici Pinot Noir 2010
1 / 2
Danube River Plains, Bulgaria, $10
Decent pinot noir is almost impossible to find for a mere Hamilton, but this stunner shows true pinot character — if you coax it out with a little time and a whirl in your glass. This label also produces a nice cabernet sauvignon and a serviceable merlot, both from the Thracian Valley. 

Available in the District at Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits, Connecticut Avenue Wine & Liquor, Dupont Market, Rodman’s, Rosebud Liquor, Schneider’s of Capitol Hill, Tenley Wine & Liquor. Available in Maryland at 29 Convenience Mart in Silver Spring, Annebeth’s and Bay Ridge Wine & Spirits in Annapolis, Montgomery County Liquor Store in Darnestown, Wishing Well Liquors in Easton; on the list at various Coal Fire locations and at Food, Wine & Co. in Bethesda.

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