вторник, 23 юни 2015 г.

Responses to What ever happened in Bulgaria

Dear Caroline,
I could not agree more with your opinion about the 2 new wine appellations replacing the 5 old but better connected to terroir or geographically wine regions of the past. 
Even worse are the English language translations for the regions, made by some pedantic parliament secretary without thinking that Thracian Lowlands does not sell wine, but Thracian Valley does (and they are both correct). And Danubian Plain does not mean anything to the average foreigner, in my opinion Danube River Plains is for more palatable, visual and implies variations in that 500 km long region. 
The removal of Black Sea Coastal region is just absurd, imagine the removal of Central Coast in California…How about the lost romance of dismissing the The Valley of the Roses region? I live in the Valley of the Moon and all my friends envy my location. And at last it is Struma River Valley, so you can imagine the warm Mediterranean winds blowing north over the river carved canyons to the mountains and into the Valley. 
Of course there should be far more appellations in Bulgaria, but even the industry doesn’t get it yet, it will be the task of the new smaller producers to push this through to fruition.

Best regards and Nazdrave!
Vance Petrunoff

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