неделя, 30 март 2008 г.

Popularizing Bulgarian wines

There was an interesting question in my email from Assia in New Jersey:

I'm Bulgarian and want to respond to your call to popularize the Bulgarian wines. Could you tell me what do you mean..., in what ways? I live in New Jersey and love wine. At least I could make a party to popularize it among the Americans for now.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Assia Krontcheva

Well, here is my answer to her and many others:

Popularizing Bulgarian wines is as simple as tasting them with your friends at a party, talking about the regions and climate in different parts of Bulgaria and the memories connected with a particular wine.

"Choose wisely" - as Yoda once said, price is not the leading factor in selecting the wines you are going to serve. Think about the season, the food you have prepared, etc. Please ask for suggestions, we are here to help.


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