неделя, 23 март 2008 г.

Stuart Pigott's five commandments

As part of his educational material, Stuart Pigott uses the following five commandments on wine:
  1. A wine is as good or bad as it tastes and smells to you.
  2. For wine, there is no connection between price and quality.
  3. Wine is not nearly so complicated or delicate as generally assumed.
  4. There are no wrong words to describe wine.
  5. There is only one error that is possible to make in connection with wine: to ruin other people's pleasure.

I had a very busy week, supplying the stores in San Francisco Bay Area with wine and rakia for the Easter weekend and finally am able to relax a little with Ruby. We discovered an excellent Pinot Noir from Romania - Amavinum Pinot Noir 2005 Murfatlar.

Happy Easter to all Catholics. We, the Bulgarians, are Eastern Orthodox Christians and will have Easter in a month. It is good for business, two Easters are better then one. Amen.

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