събота, 27 декември 2008 г.

Good Morning Ruby

Christmas passed quietly and the last few days of the year are slowly devouring the crumbs of time left on the calendar table. I still have more than 120 days left with a reference of what happened exactly one year ago, when I shared time and love with Ruby. At one point I will run out of that and will be able only to refer to the pain of being alone, the guilt of the loss.

What I remember now, are the mornings when we will wake up together in my bed, I will turn to my left, move closer and put few long and warm kisses on her naked back and murmur “good morning Ruby”. She would stir and stretch, give a little moan and in a little while say “good morning Venci” with almost silent joy, half asleep, but happy of the way the day is brought to live. Then I will envelope her in my arms and legs and kiss her neck and we will be so hot that we have to break it or just engage.

I met her in my yoga class, she was one of the best there and after 4 years of practice she had mastered some of the posses so well that I often looked at her to enjoy the slender body balancing on one leg in Standing Bow position, which was her best. We are supposed to concentrate on ourselves and look into our own eyes in the wall to wall mirrors, but I glanced at her never the less, when she was in class. I started calling her Ruby, because I thought of her as a gem and the intensity of rubies was more matching to her then any other precious stone.

This is the beginning of the story (book) I am starting to write and I will not put more of it in this blog but try to finish it first and see what comes out of it. It should have a lot of jazz in it, little travel, photo sessions and some tense memories...I will put everything down as it happened so I can have closure, since I still don’t get it, but it has been over for 8 months now, exactly matching the time we were together.

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