сряда, 10 декември 2008 г.

Sales chart - Sept./Nov '08

The purpose of this blog is to showcase the progress in creating market share for the wines I import, and provide the latest information to consumers and to the trade. I have been careful lately and trying not to say too much, but the reality is, we are selling well in these tough times. Forget the opera and my personal feelings, after the award for Best Eastern European wine for VINI things are moving rapidly forward.

Sales of the 3 leading Bulgarian brands are increasing rapidly in the current economic conditions. The sales chart you see reflects sales to out of state distributors, sales to CA retailers and Internet sales.

The leader in sales is the VINI brand, awarded the Best Eastern European red wine at the World Value Wine Challenge ‘08. The 2007 vintage of white wines from Targovishte winery recently arrived and our best selling Muscat Grappa Peshtera also contributed to the increase of sales in this period.

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